Eamon Murphy

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Here is a selection of things that I have constructed. I enjoy solving practical challenges that arise in woodworking projects, and I find 3D modelling to be very helpful in doing so. I am competent in various materials and processes.

Bicycle Trailer Attachment

Walnut Folding Desk

Radiused Platform

This set of platforms is constructed with a CNC'd frame. The use of parametric modelling made it easy to achieve a very precise fitment of the parts.

A Frame

This rack is for carring plywood and is constructed with entirely CNC'd parts.


I made this cone using a 3D model that generates cutting jigs for cones with a varying number of sides and dimensions. The model simplifies what is nomrally very tedious math.

This is the set of jigs I used.

Tapered Column

This tapered column has hidden support structure and was constructed using a number of jigs.

CNC Workstation

I designed this stand for a desktop CNC machine. The stand itself is CNC'd and employs tab-and-slot joinery.



This pair of crates is based on a parametric model that can be configured for different size objects and different dimensions of material.


I built a large outdoor awning for a friend and used a 3D model to help with the layout.

Angle Jig

I designed this jig to cut a series of panels with angles that were more acute than was possible on the table saw.

Bedroom Set for a Movie

In addition to building wall flats, I did a large portion of the finish carpentry for this bedroom interior.

Torsion Box Assembly Table

To assemble a large torsion box table, I made a custom assembly table.

Truck Camper

This truck camper is a work in progress. It features innovative lightweight design techniques and assembles as a kit-of-parts.

Mobile Espresso Cart

Using a handtruck as a base, I built this simple rolling espresso cart, which I transport on a bike trailer. The idea was to build the world's most compact coffee shop.