This is what my studio looked like on July 4th.

One month later, it looks like this. There are 3 loft platforms and each one has its own ladder.

I built the loft platforms using that rolling crate as a work table. First I hung them from a cleat on the wall, then rotated them up onto a temporary support.

Like this. Then I put on more stable temporary legs, which I don't have photos of.

I laminated 2 layers of 3/4" plywood with glue and screws to make 'straps' that hang from these aluminum blocks, which are fastened to the ceiling with Tapcon anchors.

I stood on the platforms, mounted the blocks onto the ceiling, and attached the straps to the platform with carriage bolts. Then I removed the temporary supports. They are very stable like this, and there are no legs or columns to take up valuable floor space.

I made this oak platform for the CNC machine.

The loft ladders are made of baltic birch plywood and oak, also from the dumpster.

The CNC machine is now totally disassembled because it has some issues that I need to correct.

The windows look onto a very large indoor atrium that is occassionally rented for events.

The slight darker colored rectangle on the wall is 3 panels that cover the windows. The panels have magnets on the back that stick onto screws in the wall.

This is what it looks like right now.