collaborative tape music
set against an occasional curving wall
allowing generous light and fresh air
between limbs and branches of the trees

an avid amateur radio operator
a cornball humanist
a transistor radio powered by a burning candle
playing with worthless material
from the broken glass of her goggles

a quality production with no advertising
absurdist propaganda, social critique, and simple observations
a starking tableau vivant
“One Hundred Lavish Months of Bushwhack”
The Sweet Flypaper of Life
Salaam Bombay!, and Mississippi Masala

the family’s home destroyed by a hurricane
holes punched through it in a grid pattern

a Viennese refugee research chemist
analyzed his own alienation
contemplate the emergence of floating shapes
and other finely divided solid materials
mixed with screaming and cries for help

although his ministerial career
brought him to the realization
the futility of historical progress
creates a disjointed architecture
nobody tells me what to do

unsafe, showy, maladapted
a low-rent real estate empire
loses touch with what is truly needed

a trail of rubber rats
slurries in a systematic manner
addresses the camera directly
while the arm and leg
that emphasized the underlying sentiment

Rush Limbaugh surrounded
by an aura of OxyContin
cars, fortune cookies, a ceramic onion
with bulging orbs for eyes
stars as a Chinese blood smuggler
briefly surpassing Disney’s stranglehold

a costume for the Happening
vibrates with originality and mischief

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse
President and CEO of the Special Olympics
spearheaded efforts to attract
a pharmaceutical advertising agency
to hold annual picnics for his friends
to interview a monkey
to aid napalm-burned children

dubbed his “gee-whiz” approach
the final blow came with the ill-fated
1985 performance on “The Cosby Show”

“you’d rub your own nose in it”
to see yourself a s others see you