Hello New Project,

I am interested in working in the metal fabrication department. New Project seems like a healthy, positive workplace, run by honest, smart people who complete interesting, high-quality projects. I have a strong sense that New Project is the kind of environment where I want to work. I know you are in the process of strategically expanding your company by investing in valuable, productive people. I would be a smart choice.

You need someone who has experience with hand tools and machines, communicates clearly, follows instructions, exercises good judgment, and keeps working flowing and on-schedule. You need someone who will work 9 -5 + overtime and weekends as needed. I will do these things for you. My job is to be the best and most conscientious employee: an uncomplaining, easy-going, self-directed workhorse who gets difficult stuff in a timely manner, and who will stay late as necessary. If you treat me kindly and pay me fairly, I am perfectly happy to design my life around your needs. Conveniently, I live 2.5 miles away.

Where do I see myself in 4 years? I am 25, and I graduated from Cooper Union in May. I want to situate myself in a job I love, and stay for about 4 years. If I save ~65% of my income for 4 years, I will have enough money for a down-payment on a building in, for example, Minneapolis, plus a safety margin, plus money for tools and machines. This realistically optimistic estimate fills me with a feeling of purpose, motivation, and hope. New Project has a strategic growth plan, and I have one too ! I perceive my dreams as being within reach, so I will commit to long hours without any shadow of doubt or resentment. In fact, I delight in the idea : )

My existing fabrication and metalwork skills are good. I have a strong capacity for learning, and I am conscientious and organized. This is my portfolio site. During the summers, 2012-2016, I worked at New Amsterdam Metalworks. I also worked as an assistant at Roxy Paine Studio in the Summer of 2015. Here is a list of my skills.

By breaking things down into manageable pieces, I effectively complete assigned tasks, quickly master new skills, and express myself with clarity and precision. I want to do stuff in a smart way, and efficiently allocate available resources: attention, motion, time, and material. I strive to form realistic estimates for mission-critical quantities: How long this is likely to take; How much of this we are likely need. I keep track of all relevant dates, times, dimensions, tolerances, parameters, and protocols. In many cases, I will type them up in HTML and post them on the web. I understand, and act: Think, and make. Sound good?

I believe in the concept of vocation, both in the practical and spiritual sense. I enjoy working with people who are perceptive, realistic, honest, and open-minded. If you think I'd be a good fit at New Project, give me a call !

Eamon Murphy

I was referred to you by Chris Dierks, my friend from Cooper Union.