Storefront for Beer Brewery -- What went wrong

The front of the brewery is 2 ~13'x13' rough openings. Max, their designer/builder, designed a steel and glass storefront that allows them to open up the storefront in a flexible range of configurations. It's basically 8 frames, 4 for each frame, the left set swivel, and right 4 hang on hinges. The frames are made of 3" square tube steel, 1/4" wall thickness


The door rubs the ground here, and I spent a few hours aggressively grinding the concrete to make clearance for the doors.

This happened because we set the left doors first, and then set the right doors to line-up with them. This was not the right order of operations. We should have set both frames in the openings, and then adjusted both of them up and down, so the right side clears the ground properly.

In hind sight, the order of operations seems obvious. At the time, no one questioned the process

This is the left set. Victor and I welded the frame together on the ground, lifted it into place, and went about shimming it until it was plumb and level. We found that when we had adjusted it as far as we could, it still wasn't plumb. This is becasue the frame This frame was designed too large for the opening by 3/4". The inside faces of the opening are not plump; Neil knew this and made the frame smaller than the opening so we would have space to get the frame plumb inside the opening. The indicated tube was a 3"x3" square tube; we had to cut it out and replace it with a piece of 3"x2" tube, to get extra room for adjustment.

This frame was installed 2nd. It was installed to line up with the 1st door

Why did these things happen